21 Day Fix EXTREME | Week 2 | Day 8 |

What was your favorite workout in Week 1? What helps you stay motivated?

If You’re Doing the Real Time Workouts: Lower Fix Extreme
This week we are starting off with Lower Fix Extreme. Get ready for this challenging resistance routine that will get you the results you have been wanting. For that final booty burn, grab your resistance loop. Yes, it will burn, but the results are worth it! Today is also BONUS day so don’t forget to finish your workout with 10 Min HardCORE to give you that extra push.

If You’re Doing the Original Workouts: Plyo Fix Extreme
This week we are starting off strong with Plyo Fix Extreme! The main focus today is lower-body resistance training and explosive movements that will help sculpt your entire body. Now that we are in Week 2, Autumn is giving you an option to choose Power Strength Extreme as a workout option. This workout can be found under the Ultimate Upgrade tab of the 21 Day Fix EXTREME original workouts section. Feel free to do this workout in place of Plyo Fix Extreme, or for an ultimate challenge, complete both!

Limits were meant to be pushed. How will you push yourself this week?


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