CORE DE FORCE | Week 1 | Day 6 | Dynamic Strength

Coach Tip

Take some time to recognize the efforts of someone in your group today. Doing this should help foster community and camaraderie and hopefully, encourage people to stay consistent. You can choose someone who’s been crushing their workouts, using the modifier option, or someone who is staying consistent with their nutrition. Then, feel free to add the post below with it or later in the day. Here’s an example: Shout out to [Name]! She has been on point with her workouts and her nutrition this week. Her determination is totally inspiring. If you have a chance, tell [Name] great job for her hard work this week!

Hey everyone, we’re back to Dynamic Strength today. This one’s got a few tough moves, so make sure you focus on form. Correct form is more important than speed. And remember, there’s no shame in following the modifier!

Check out this video to learn how to modify the Sphinx Blaster, one of the moves featured in Dynamic Strength. Feel free to stick with this modification until you master the move. I promise, it will get easier as you become stronger:

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