CORE DE FORCE | Prep Week | Day 4 |

If you haven’t already, today is a good day to set your goals for the next 30 days. What do you want to accomplish? See your abs? Jump-start a larger weight-loss goal? Whatever they may be, write them down and put your 30-day goals some place where you can see them every day.

And keep in mind that you want to track your progress. CORE DE FORCE includes the Transformation Tracker in your Quick-Start Guide, which allows you to record your "before" weight, photos, and measurements. Use it to measure your changes against where you began. No one likes to document things about themselves they want to change, but trust me, take these measurements now, and you’ll be thankful later when you see how far you’ve come! As an extra incentive, if you keep track of your photos, weight, and measurements, when you finish the program you can enter the Beachbody Challenge by visiting When you enter and submit your results, you will also receive a free gift (while supplies last) to celebrate your success. So keep track of everything! You’ll be amazed by your results in the end!


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