Prep Week | T-minus 1 Day

 Coach Tip from Ilana
Setting goals is SO important in helping your participants succeed. Whether they’re trying to lose weight or simply start eating better, how will they know how far they’ve come if they don’t document their starting point? So make sure they set some goals and document their starting point (and be sure to take photos!), so they’ll see how much they’ve achieved!

Just 1 day to go! Open your tracker to page 1 (alternatively, you can download the interactive PDF version found under the Resource Tab of the 2B Mindset Program Page) and fill in the spaces to set your goals—whether they be weight loss, feeling better, a smaller jean size, better health—whatever you want.

You should also take body measurements—starting with your biceps, chest, waist, hips, and thighs. Use a soft tape and measure in the same spot each time. And don’t forget to take your “before” photos. You can go to to learn how to easily take photos and measurements.

Tomorrow’s going to be an amazing milestone day for you!

But before we start, make sure all these items are checked off your to-do list:

  1. Read the Getting Started Guide
  2. Watch the “Meet Ilana” video
  3. Get a scale
  4. Start drinking more water every day
  5. Drink Shakeology daily
  6. Substitute at least one non-veggie food with a veggie each day
  7. Complete pages 4 and 5 of your tracker with your goals and measurements
  8. Take your “before” photos

Homework: Complete pages 4 and 5 of your tracker. 

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