Prep Week | T-minus 6 Days

Let’s review in detail what comes with the 2B Mindset:

  • 41 videos: Stream them at or on the Beachbody Nutrition+ app, available 6/4/2018.
    • 21 short videos that explain the main principles of the program
    • 5 videos to help you overcome common challenges
    • 15 super-simple and satisfying recipes
  • Weight-loss tools, aka the materials you’ll see in your package. (These are also available digitally under the Resource Tab of the 2B Mindset Program Page.)
    • Getting Started Guide: Simple steps to start your weight-loss journey
    • My Go-To Guide: Companion to the product, highlighting key principles
    • My Tracker: 90-day book to document your weight loss
    • Recipe Book: 30 of Ilana’s favorites for you and your family to enjoy
  • 2B Mindset 30 fl. oz. water bottle: Keep it with you as a handy reminder to have water first throughout the day
  • Shakeology (if you purchased a Challenge Pack), which is super-integrated in the program and will help you build a strong nutritional foundation to tackle change.

Homework: Read the Getting Started Guide and watch the “Meet Ilana” video. Don’t worry about watching any of the other 2B Mindset videos or reading other program materials for now! We’ll get to them soon.

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