Day 3: Upper Body Burn

Hit that like button if you LOVE Megan! Her energy is INCREDIBLE and she has such a positive, motivational style. I find that she really helps me get the most out of each move, and pushes me to give her every rep I can do.

Today is Upper Body Burn. There are push-ups in the warm-up and negative push-ups in the second block. I know not everyone loves them, and I get it—but they are so important for getting strong and building muscle. So, watch your form, do what you can do, and just know that every rep counts. In this workout, you’ll hit your chest, back, shoulders, and arms with more classic weightlifting and asymmetrical training.

Nutrition Daily Check-In:
I’m hoping you’re embracing your nutrition changes just as much as your new workouts. I know that staying on-track can be a struggle. There are birthdays, events, treats, and temptations around every corner. The great news is that 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix are all about living your life while keeping you on-track so you can reach your goals. Nutrition+ is another great resource, and I didn’t want to wait too long to mention it. As a Nutrition+ member, you’ll get additional support and accountability with access to Ilana, Autumn, and their Facebook communities. You’ll also receive monthly content on hot topics, new recipes to cook, meal plans, and more to help keep you on-track.

Coach Tip

Encourage everyone to talk and share, and also make a point of sharing YOUR OWN experiences. Your customers are looking to you for motivation, guidance, and support.


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